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Tools to advocate for your disability rights

 A white adult man with a developmental disability smiles at the camera. He is blonde and is wearing a light blue, button-up, short sleeve shirt with white pinstripes. He is holding a tablet and is touching the screen with his right index finger. The background is trees and plants but is blurred.




Assistive Technology

Students with Disabilities have the right to AT under IDEA

Right to Assistive Technology that Works in Kansas

Vocational Rehabilitation & AT

Assistive Technology Online Resources

FREE Communication Devices

National Library Service free talking books and Braille services


Image of a courtroom. The walls have wood paneling and behind the judges chair states “In God We Trust.” The witness stand on the left is visible and has an American flag behind it. One row of seats is shown in the image.




Crime Victims

Disability & Aging Crime Victims Unit

Money to help house crime victims with disabilities

Safe at Home Program – Confidential Mailing Addresses for Violence Victims

Avoid Becoming the Victim of a Scam to Move Stolen Money

Identity Theft - What Is It and How to Avoid It 

Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, & the Disability Community

Squatter Problem: Factors to Consider Before Letting Someone Move Into Your Home

Housing Scams: "We Buy Houses" Scams, "Rent to Own" Scams, and "Reverse Mortgage" Scams

This is an image of a wood gavel. The gavel is resting on a circular, raised piece of dark wood. It is on top of a table. The gavel itself has a gold strip around the middle. Part of a black binder is shown next to the gavel.




Criminal Justice

Individual Justice Planning


This is an image with a plain, sky blue background. On top of the background is one disposable white face mask that is laid out flat.





COVID-19 Vaccine Access

Economic Impact Payments FAQ


Photo of two Black men facing each other in sitting position. The man on the right has a beard and mustache and is wearing a blue button-up shirt and black slacks. He is signing in ASL toward the other man. The second man’s face is not visible to the camera but he is wearing a white collared button down with a grey sweater. He is also signing in ASL toward the other man.




Deaf & Hard of Hearing Advocacy

Self-Advocacy Letter Templates

A white adult man using a wheelchair is sitting in front of an operating board in a mechanical shop. He is wearing blue overalls and a white t-shirt. He has gloves sitting on his lap.



Disability Employment 

Programs to help people with disabilities get a job

Recommendations to get more Kansans with disabilities good-paying jobs 

Video on Employment Rights

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Disability Service Provider Listing 

Comprehensive List with Maps Showing Service Areas 

This is a close up image of a U.S. Treasury check on top of an envelope. A grayscale image of the Statue of Liberty is on the green check.



Free "Secret" Benefits for Kansans with disabilities

We call these "secret" benefits because too few people know about them!

Child Tax Credit

Affordable Connectivity Program

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Eliminate all of your student loan debt for FREE through TPD Program

Free lifetime pass to National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands

$700 Tax Refund for Homeowners

Image of an Asian father and son at a table inside of a home. The father is reading to the son out of a notebook that they are both looking at. The father is wearing glasses and an orange and white striped shirt. The son is wearing a white t-shirt and is turned away from the camera.



Guardianship & Other Legal Decision Makers

Alternatives to Guardianship & Conservatorship

Supported Decision Making in Kansas

DRC's Rep Payee Program

Image of a disability rights protest at the U.S. capitol building. Around 15 people are sitting on the Capitol steps. Two people are holding up a sheet that has something unreadable written on it.  Other people are holding posters in the background.



History of Disability Rights in the U.S. and Kansas

Where We Came From: A Brief History of the Disability Rights Movement and Disability Discrimination

A white adult man is pushing another white adult man’s wheelchair up a metal ramp into a white van. The van is outside of a building on a driveway path.



Medicaid (KanCare) and Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Program 

EPSDT: Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment

Checklist of EPSDT services 

End The Wait Campaign

 This is an image from behind a woman’s shoulder showing only her laptop screen, which states “MENTAL HEALTH.” She has brown hair and only part of her beige blazer is visible, along with her black watch.




Mental Health

The Rights of Kansans with Mental Illness in Treatment Facilities

Agreement with State of Kansas to Reform Services for People Living in Mental Health Nursing Facilities

Fact Sheet - Agreement between Disability Groups & State of Kansas Protects Liberty and Taxpayers 


A white adult man with a developmental disability smiles at the camera. He is blonde and is wearing glasses. He is also wearing a suit jacket, white button up shirt, and a blue tie. He is using a black laptop on a table.



Recommendations for school to life transition

Web and device-based app that students with disabilities use to help transition to adult life (iTransition app)

Recommendations to get more Kansans with disabilities good-paying jobs 

 This is a close up image of two Social Security cards on top of a 100 dollar American bill. On the cards, only the words “SOCIAL SECURITY” are visible.




Social Security & Rep Payees

Consumer's Quick Guide to Ticket to Work in Kansas

Checklist for using your Ticket to Work

Employment and Social Security Benefits FAQ

DRC's Rep Payee Program


 An elementary school-age, Indian, female student with braids and a flower clip in her hair is sitting in a wheelchair and using a tablet device. She is holding up the tablet and smiling. She is wearing an orange shirt and light blue overalls.




Special Education

Know Your Special Education Rights: A Guide for Parents & Students in Kansas

Parents' and students' rights to SPED during COVID-19

Web and device-based app that students with disabilities use to help transition to adult life (iTransition app)


A Black adult man is standing and looking down over a polling station. The polling station has a sticker that says “VOTE” with an American flag. The man has short hair and a stubble. He is wearing a button down, light blue shirt.





Register to Vote

Your Right to Vote

Permanent Advance Voting for Kansans with disabilities

Having someone help you cast a ballot

Polling place accessibility


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