Who is the Disability Rights Center of Kansas?

The Disability Rights Center of Kansas (DRC) is a private non-profit agency. We are not a part of the state or federal government. We are also not a disability service provider. DRC has attorneys and advocates who provide free advocacy and legal services for disability rights.


What are the free advocacy and legal services that we provide?

Navy blue square contains a graphic of an orange clipboard with a white sheet of paper with navy blue horizontal lines.  Intake & Assessment - initial conversation for us to learn about your issue

Navy blue square contains a graphic of a white gavel over an orange piece of wood. Legal Representation - possible representation by a DRC attorney if your rights were violated under state or federal law

Navy blue square contains a graphic of a white and orange megaphone. Advocacy Representation - a DRC staff member can advocate with you or on your behalf in your disability rights needs

Navy blue square contains a graphic of two orange hands shaking. Self-Advocacy Assistance - assistance and support to help you advocate for yourself 

Navy blue square contains an orange circle with a white question mark inside. Information & Referral - connecting you with others that may be better suited to address your issue

How does DRC decide which cases to take?

There are many disability rights legal and advocacy needs in Kanas. However, DRC has limited funds. We cannot take every case.  We use the following factors to decide if we can provide you advocacy or legal services.

  • Do you have a disability?

  • Do you have a legitimate disability rights issue?

  • Do we have the resources and staff time to help you?

  • Does the issue fall within our Advocacy Priorities? See the full list of our Advocacy Priorities here. 

  • What are the facts? What is the law? We focus on cases where the facts and the law are likely to lead to a positive outcome for you.

What is a Protection & Advocacy Agency?

DRC is the official Protection and Advocacy system for Kansas. Federal law gives us certain powers to investigate abuse or neglect. That includes access to places where people with disabilities receive services. Our powers provide access to records and information to investigate the abuse or neglect. We also provide advocacy and legal services to protect the disability rights of Kansans with disabilities. See the video below for more information on the Protection and Advocacy System.

What else does DRC do?

DRC Kansas is all about fighting for equality, law, and justice. We help with many different disability rights issues. Visit our Advocacy Stories page to read more about some of the successes that we have had over the last 35+ years helping people with disabilities in Kansas fight for their rights.

We also work on public policy issues in Kansas. We educate the public, policymakers, and the press on disability rights issues. We also educate people with disabilities about their rights.

What does DRC not do?

The following are examples of cases we are not able to provide legal representation and advocacy:

  • Workers Compensation cases
  • Estate planning
  • Social Security eligibility or appeals
  • Criminal representation
  • Divorce cases
  • Will drafting
  • Child custody or Child In Need Of Care cases
  • Civil representation that does not relate to the legal or civil rights of an individual with a disability