Permanent Advance Voting for Kansans with disabilities

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Want to vote in the privacy of your own home? If you have a permanent disability or illness, you can become a permanent advance voter and vote from home!

A permanent disability or illness is one that you will have for the rest of your life.

Permanent advanced voting is different from regular advance voting because you automatically get a ballot in the mail for every election. You do not need to sign up every time.

Another perk of being a permanent advance voter? You do not need to provide a photo ID to vote! This is the ONLY exemption from the Photo ID requirements.

How can you apply to be a permanent advance voter?

- Online at
- Fill out the Application for Permanent Advance Voting Status form and mail it to your county’s election office. 

Remember: you still have to register to vote first! Once you register, you can apply for your permanent advance voting status.

You need to register to vote again if you have moved, changed your name, or if you want to change your political party since the last time you registered.

Register online at or fill out the Kansas Voter Registration Application form and mail it to your county's election office.

Permanent Advance Voting for Kansans with disabilities