Kansas AT Lemon Law

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Under the Kansas AT (Assistive Technology) Lemon Law, people with disabilities have a right to AT devices that work as they are supposed to. If a device does not work, you have a right to demand that the seller fix or replace the device for free. If that does not fix the problem, you have a right to some level of refund.

This law covers any device used for a major life activity like tools to help a person with a disability communicate, see, hear, or move.

Some notes about the AT Lemon Law:

  • The defect has to significantly impair the use, value, or safety of the device for the law to cover it.
  • The seller must warrant for at least one year after delivery that the AT will be free from defects that prevent you from using it.
  • The law does not cover problems caused by abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modification of the device. The problem may be fixed by the seller repairing the device, replacing the device, or some level of refund. You have to notify the seller and return the device for replacement or refund if repair is not possible.
  • You are entitled to pursue arbitration or legal action to enforce this law and recover damages if the seller won't comply.

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Kansas AT Lemon Law