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DRC Kansas has produced a number of videos to educate the public about issues relevant to the disability community, the history of the DRC, and examples where the DRC case work.

Videos of Dangerous & Deadly Seclusion & Restraint
When restraint is done in a face up (“supine”) or face down (“prone) position, it restricts breathing and can turn deadly.  Thankfully, Kansas does not currently allow the most deadly restraints which restrict breathing.  The State Board of Education is considering changing that rule.  These videos show why deadly tactics that restrict breathing must continue to be banned.

Video Fliers
These short videos explain several of your rights: voting, employment, assistive technology in special education, and assistive technology lemon laws.

DRC History, Case Examples & Services
These videos show the history of DRC Kansas as well as case examples, including the Kaufman House, Matthew Whaley case, and the Wichita Transit case.

DRC 30th Anniversary Event
On March 12, 2008, DRC celebrated its 30th Anniversary.  These 11 videos are  the recordings of the event. The headline speakers were Bernard Carabello and Dr. Mike Wilkins. Bernard is a survivor of Willowbrook, an institution where he was wrongfully forced to reside and robbed of his childhood. Bernard is a nationally-known speaker and self-advocate on disability rights. Dr. Mike Wilkins is a former employee of Willowbrook who in 1972 blew the whistle on the atrocities of institutionalizations.

What are you waiting for?
The End The Wait is a campaign that DRC is working on (generously funded by the Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities) to end the DD Waiting list in Kansas.