Supported Decision Making in Kansas - New Resource

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I Decide with the support of people I trust. 

Everyone deserves to make decisions about their own lives. We believe that people with disabilities should be able to make informed decisions based on their own values, preferences, and goals. Supported Decision Making is a tool that allows people with disabilities to make their own decisions with the support of people they trust.

I Decide Kansas is a website created by the Disability Rights Center to provide information about Supported Decision Making (SDM) in Kansas. 

The goal of the website is to be a quick resource about SDM. Use this website to:

Supported Decision Making in 2 Minutes and 47 Seconds

Watch this short video to quickly learn SDM basics. 

Supported Decision Making in Kansas - House Bill 2345

The Supported Decision Making Agreements Act (HB2345) is a bill which would enact the supported decision making agreements act to provide a statutory framework for adults who want decision making assistance. 

Want to stay in the loop about HB2345 in the 2024 Kansas Legislative session? Join our Supported Decision Making Coalition email list below! We will send updates and action alerts about the bill in the coming months.

Supported Decision Making in Kansas - New Resource