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30th Anniversary Celebration - Keys of Change: Past, Present & Future.

These 11 video clips show the different speakers at DRC’s 30th Anniversary Celebration Event (held on March 12, 2008). We had a huge turnout for this event. It was standing-room only. In total over 450 people attended.

The headline speakers were Bernard Carabello and Dr. Mike Wilkins. Bernard is a survivor of Willowbrook, an institution where he was wrongfully forced to reside and robbed of his childhood. Bernard is a nationally-known speaker and self-advocate on disability rights. Dr. Mike Wilkins is a former employee of Willowbrook who in 1972 blew the whistle on the atrocities at Willowbrook. Dr. Wilkins called his friend, the then young and eager reporter Geraldo Rivera, and unlocked the doors to Willowbrook for his camera. Dr. Wilkins key and Geraldo’s reporting exposed the nation to the tragedy of warehousing people with disabilities. Dr. Wilkins now lives in Kansas City.

Willowbrook helped Congress create Protection and Advocacy agencies, like DRC Kansas. The open captioning for this video was provided by 20/20 captioning, and it was done live at the event.

Some of these files are large and may take a moment to open or download.

Tip: If video play back is intermittent, right click on the file; save it to your hard drive and watch it off-line.

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