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Videos of Dangerous & Deadly Seclusion & Restraint

Troubling Examples of Restraint

Video: Hard Copy - In schools and group homes a "Choke Hold" is called restraint and causes death



Video: ABC News - Students Hurt, Dying After Being Restrained



Video: on his first day of school, a 9 year old Autistic boy cries for his mother.  Result?  4 adults restrain him for almost 4 hours!



Video: NBC  News - GAO reports that school kids are being “clearly abused and tortured”



Video: Anderson Cooper - Child dies because he wanted to play basketball



Video: Dr. Phil - Hungry child is restrained to death because he tried to leave to lunch



Video: School is not supposed to Hurt – nationwide examples of deadly seclusion and restraint



Video: Investigative Report - Prone Restraint restricts breathing and can kill.