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Economic Impact Payments info for Kansans with Rep Payees

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For Kansans with Rep Payees... Important Information Regarding Your $1,200 Economic Impact Payment!

Economic Impact Payments are the $1,200 “stimulus checks” sent by the federal government to individuals and/or married couples as part of the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Your rep payee should have received your economic impact payment in the same way that they normally receive your Social Security benefits.

This Economic Impact Payment belongs to the SSI or SSDI beneficiary, and is NOT to be managed by the Rep Payee.

  • This is because Rep Payees may only manage Social Security benefits, and Economic Impact Payments are not a Social Security benefit.


Also, if you are on Medicaid and you live in a facility (nursing facility, group home, institution, NFMH, or any other setting), the facility CANNOT keep your payment. You have an absolute right to receive and decide how to spend your Economic Impact Payment.

  • This is because the CARES Act classifies Economic Impact Payments as tax credits, and tax credits are not counted as “resources” (assets) under Medicaid.
  • If this has happened to you or someone you know, the Federal Trade Commission suggests that you contact Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt’s office at (785) - 296-2215 or at and that you tell the Federal Trade Commission at

If you have an individual or organization rep payee, and you have not received your economic impact payment and/or you were told that you would not receive your payment because you are on Medicaid, or any other reason...

Please contact the Disability Rights Center of Kansas at 1-877-776-1541 (toll-free) or visit to fill out an online intake form.