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DRC Publications

DRC Brochure

Who is DRC? What does DRC do?  This brochure gives some basic information about DRC and their services.

This folder contains DRC's past and current Newsltters.

Social Seccurity Benefits & Employment Information
This folder contains information on Social Security Benefits and employment.

Assistive Technology Fact Sheets
This folder contains fact sheets on different issues with Assistive Technology.

Kansas Client Assistance Program (CAP)
The Kansas Client Asssitance progrem can provide asistance to people with disabilities that are experiencing problems with VR.

The Rights Of Persons with Mental Illness
What rights do people with mental illness have before, during and after hospitalization or inpatient stay.

Individual Justice Plan
The individual justice plan provides individuals a plan to help prevent criminalization of their disability.

Stuck in Institutions: The Crisis of Mental Health Supports and Services in Kansas
An Investigative Report by the Disability Rights Center of Kansas

Disability and Aging Crime Victims Unit

We have services to help Kansans with disabilities and Kansas seniors who have been the victim of a crime.

Economic Impact Payments
This folder contains important information for Kansans with disabilities regarding the $1,200 economic impact payments (sometimes referred to as "stimulus checks") being distributed as part of the COVID-19 relief efforts.

Special Education Fact Sheets

This folder contains special education information.

Rep Payee Program Brochure

This brochure provides information on how DRC can help Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities who have a representative payee (also called a payee or rep payee).

Alternatives to Guardianship & Conservatorship

This publication gives the answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Kansans with disabilities about Guardianship/Conservatorship. It also includes alternatives to guardianship and conservatorship.

Child Tax Credit 2021

This publication gives the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the American Rescue Plan Act's enhancements to the Child Tax Credit.