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Kansas Disability Awareness Project

This is a project to provide information to consumers, teachers, policy makers on the history of disability rights in Kansas. This includes videos and information of personal stories of Kansans with disabilities.

Personal Disability Rights Advocacy Stories of Kansans

Matthew Whaley’s Story
Learn about how a 7-year old boy from Western Kansas and his mom stood up for the right to play baseball under the ADA.

Richard Owen’s Story
Learn about how Richard Owen, a person who drives a big rig truck with one arm, started his own business thanks to some well placed advocacy.

Kaufman House Story
Learn about the survivors of the Kaufman house and how their rights were abusers were brought to justice.

Jeanette’s Story
Learn about how advocacy and determination was able to get Jeanette the transportation she needed to find a job.

Jessica’s Story
Read about how Jessica’s mom advocated with the Legislature to change Medicaid policy to help her daughter and all Kansans.

Wichita Transit Story

History of Disability Rights in Kansas & US
This document provides a timeline of the disability rights movement in both Kansas
and the United State and other important information on the history of disability rights issues.