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Key Terms

  • I/DD HCBS Waiver: A Medicaid funded program designed to provide individuals with developmental disabilities long-term care and support in the individuals' homes and in the community.
  • KDADS: The state agency charged with overseeing the I/DD HCBS waiver.
  • Day Support Services: I/DD waiver services provided outside of the home designed to improve community interaction and employment opportunities.
  • Residential Support Services: I/DD waiver services provided in the home to improve independent living skills.
  • Supportive Home Care Services: Personal Assistant services provided to individuals who live with their parent(s) or other legal caretaker. Typically these services begin while a person is living with their parents and in school.
  • “Underserved” Waiting List: A list of individuals who receive some, but not all, of the I/DD waiver services for which they have been found eligible.
  • Unserved Wait List: A list of individuals who receive only TCM and are waiting for all other I/DD waiver services to start.
  • MCO: Stands for Managed Care Organization. MCOs are health insurance companies that have recently been introduced to the I/DD HCBS waiver program. MCOs include the Sunflower, Amerigroup, and United HealthCare. MCOs will be assessing all individuals.
  • CDDO: Stands for Community Developmental Disability Organization. CDDOs are 27 organizations spread throughout Kansas that oversee and administer the I/DD waiver program.
  • Service Provider: Any organization that provides Medicaid funded I/DD waiver services.
  • TCM: Stands for Targeted Case Manager. TCMs are I/DD waiver providers who help I/DD waiver beneficiaries navigate I/DD waiver services and who review all of a person’s I/DD waiver services at least annually.