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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my case manager be involved?
A: Yes.  KDADS has stated that targeted case managers (TCMs) will conduct a needs assessment and work with the MCO regarding your service needs.  

Q: If I disagree with a decision regarding the services I will receive, can I appeal?
A: Yes. Any reduction, termination, or change in services should be sent to you in writing. You can appeal this decision.  Contact DRC for help.

Q: How many services can I choose on the I/DD waiver?
A: You should receive all services you need to successfully live in the community. The assessment should define your needs.  This should include, but not be limited to, the services for which you were found eligible for and placed on the “underserved” waiting list.

Q: What happens if I don’t accept the service now? Can I get it at a later date?
A: Yes, you should.  If you do not need the service now, you can reapply later when you do need it.  Your MCO should then do a reassessment, and you should receive the new service if found eligible.  You will not be placed on another waiting list.  However, if you want the service now, you should take it.

Q: When I am reassessed by the MCO, is there a chance I will not get the services that I patiently waited for on the “underserved” waiting list?
A: Hopefully this won’t happen, but call DRC if it does!  Because you have already been found eligible to receive these “underserved” services, and were just waiting to clear the “underserved” waiting list, DRC believes you should still be allowed to access them unless you no longer want these services or there has been a significant change in your needs.  For people who believe that they need other services or additional services, then DRC thinks it’s a good idea to check “No” in the box that says “All of my needs are being met” (see Section 2 of the confirmation form).  If you were on the DD “underserved” waiting list for specific services, but the MCO denies you access to those services, call DRC so that we can advise you of your legal rights.  DRC’s services are free.