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DD Underserved

wheatfield3.jpgThe DD "underserved" waiting list has been eliminated!

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How was the “Underserved” DD List Eliminated?

DRC Kansas and I/DD stakeholders advocated with the State and federal government that the “underserved” waiting list was illegal.  Thanks to this advocacy, this “underserved” waiting list has now been eliminated!  DRC wants to commend the State of Kansas for taking this historic action to eliminate the “underserved” waiting list.
In January 2014, the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) announced that Kansas was eliminating the DD “underserved” waiting list on the Intellectual/Developmentally Disability Home and Community Based Waiver (I/DD HCBS Waiver).  Over the past 13 years, this DD “underserved” policy forced thousands of Kansans to illegally wait for I/DD Waiver services for which they were entitled.

What was the “Underserved”  DD Waiting List?

The “underserved” waiting list was a list of  Kansans enrolled in the I/DD Waiver but only receiving some, but not all, of the Waiver services for which they were eligible.  In the past, a person could be receiving some DD Waiver services (like Day services) but they were placed on the “underserved” waiting list for their other DD Waiver needs (like Residential services).  That terrible practice of getting only some, but not all, of the I/DD Waiver services you need has ended!

Important Facts – DD “Underserved” Waiting list

On Jan. 31, 2014, the State began sending out letters to individuals on the underserved wait list, including a “confirmation form.”   By July 31, 2014, everyone previously on the “underserved” waiting list must be receiving services.

Important: In the confirmation form, Question  2 of the “self-assessment” section asks what additional services are needed. It is important to check ALL services the person will need to successfully live in the community, whether they are new or different services.  If you need services, DO NOT leave this section blank!

  • The MCOs will review information from the State, CDDOs, and TCMs regarding your needed waiver services.
  • In the next six months, MCOs and TCMs will be meeting with all individuals on the “underserved” waiting list. TCMs will complete “Needs Assessments.” MCOs will conduct “Health Risk Assessments.”
  • Any individual who disagrees with an assessment will have the right to appeal the decision.  Contact DRC for help.


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