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DRC Projects

These are a some special projects that DRC is a part of.

Voter Registration and Rights

This page give you information on registering to vote in Kansas and Voter rights.

Disability Awareness Project

This is a project to provide information to consumers, teachers, policy makers on the history of disability rights in Kansas.  This includes information on noteworthy DRC cases.

End the Wait Kansas

This is a special project funded by the Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities to end the waiting for Developmental Disabilities Services in Kansas.

DD Underserved

DRC Kansas and I/DD stakeholders advocated with the State and federal government that the “underserved” waiting list was illegal.  Thanks to this advocacy, this “underserved” waiting list has now been eliminated!

Self Advocacy for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

One of the more frequent types of calls DRC gets is about whether or not a business or service must provide a person who is deaf with an ASL interpreter or with requests for accommodations at work.

iTransition App

The Disability Rights Center of Kansas has designed a transition app to increase self-direction and self-advocacy for youth in the transition planning process.

This app is designed to help students and family members participate in and learn more about the transition planning process.   The questions in the app help students give input into the requirements of the state and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).