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How does DRC decide if they will take my case

DRC provides legal and advocacy representation to Kansans with disabilities.  Because the disability rights representation needs of Kansans with disabilities are virtually unlimited, but DRC’s funds are very limited, these are the main factors we examine when deciding whether we can provide representation:

1)  You must be a qualifying person with a disability and you must have a disability rights issue (your rights as a person with a disability under state or federal law have been violated – the ADA, Section 504, etc.).

2)  DRC must have funding and staff time available to properly serve your advocacy needs.

3)  Your advocacy or legal representation needs must fall within our Advocacy Priorities.  A summary of our Priorities is in this document.  

4)  What are the facts?  What is the law?  Because of DRC’s limited resources, we focus on cases where both the facts of the case and the law involved are favorable, in order to increase DRC’s ability to have a positive impact with your issue.