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Videos of Dangerous & Deadly Seclusion & Restraint

When restraint is done in a face up (“supine”) or face down (“prone) position, it restricts breathing and can turn deadly. Thankfully, Kansas does not currently allow the most deadly restraints which restrict breathing. The State Board of Education is considering changing that rule. These videos show why deadly tactics that restrict breathing must continue to be banned.


Video: Hard Copy - In schools and group homes a "Choke Hold" is called restraint and causes death



Video: ABC News - Students Hurt, Dying After Being Restrained



Video: on his first day of school, a 9 year old Autistic boy cries for his mother. Result? 4 adults restrain him for almost 4 hours!



Video: NBC News - GAO reports that school kids are being “clearly abused and tortured”



Video: Anderson Cooper - Child dies because he wanted to play basketball



Video: Dr. Phil - Hungry child is restrained to death because he tried to leave to lunch



Video: School is not supposed to Hurt – nationwide examples of deadly seclusion and restraint



Video: Investigative Report - Prone Restraint restricts breathing and can kill.